The Kiss that made the World Shudder

24 01 2007

Bachmann Luv’s Bush

And the Video:


SOTUS: “Showing him the way”

24 01 2007

On very rare occasions it is best to simply let the words come out without comment or interpretation. Jim Webb’s response to the State of the Union address is just that good.

Impotent “Surge”

10 01 2007

For all the reasons to use military force, for all the reasons to send our young people into battle, for all the reasons to spend our precious resources, for the life of me I cannot understand this President.

The tired rhetoric of the “War on Terror” being tied to Iraq is beyond insulting, beyond realistic and has no place in a rational discussion of our Occupation of Iraq. We were warned by the now infamous “Old Europe” that our proposed action in Iraq would destabilize the region. We were told by our own experts that we needed more troop in from day one. We were told so many things that would have made one of the biggest strategic military failures in US History less damaging, and our President lead us deeper into the pits of irrational machismo. Read the rest of this entry »

Mayor Rybak and Obama?

6 01 2007

Does RT support Obama?  Nothing set in stone yet, but it sure looks like it.