The Final Push!

3 11 2006

Taking a note from Joe at MNCR, I started to reach back into the cobwebs of my own memory to two years ago to what I was doing in that election. On election day of 2004 I was helping a GOTV center train doorknockers as they went out to encourage people to go vote. The energy in the room, in the entire state, was exhilarating. We knew we were going to win Minnesota, but only if we kept pushing, kept working hard all day. And we did. From 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. we sent out hundreds, if not thousands of people to knock on doors all over the state, we were on the phones constantly, and in the end, we won MN, but lost the Country.

Minnesota rejected Bush and his policies back in 2004. Minnesota knew then what the Country knows now, that the Republican controlled government was on a destructive path and we had to try to change the coarse. We knew Iraq was a quagmire before the rest of the country, Katrina was not a surprise because we knew that the philosophy of the GOP wants to make government small enough to drown in a bathtub, and Katrina is the real example of that metaphor. We knew that the middle class was being squeezed in favor of the super wealthy and the common good was being lost with all the corruption and greed in Washington.

We knew all this and fought a valiant fight, and we Won what we could win here in MN.

Now we are entering the final few days of the 2006 election cycle. We are on the verge of an historic change in this country. A change to embrace the common good, a change to put some oversight back into Washington, a change to bring integrity back into our government. Our DFL candidates in Minnesota all hold the best interest for us all in their hearts and we must work twice as hard as we did in 2004 to instill this needed change into our state and national government.

We can do this, we can win bigger than we won in 2004, and this win will actually bring the change we desire because this win is more fully in our hands. We can send 1 fantastic US Senator to Washington with Amy Klobuchar, we can send 8 DFL US House Representatives to Washington with Tim Walz, Coleen Rowley, Patty Wetterling, Wendy Wilde, Collin Peterson, Jim Oberstar, Betty McCollum, and Keith Ellison. We can dramatically change our state government with Mike Hatch, Mark Ritchie, Lori Swanson, Rebecca Otto, plus all the state legislators who will help return our state back to sane are reasoned leadership.

With all your help, we will win and win big. If you have not already please sign up to do what you can in these final days.

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Ellison’s Blog Interview

20 10 2006

From Minnesota Stories



Keith sure understands the Netroots!

Fine Re-Do

19 09 2006

All you need to know about Alan Fine (and all he really has to offer)

Check out this

If you have not seen it, here is Keith Ellison’s Victory Party Video

CD5, don’t worry, it will be over soon

8 09 2006

So Mike has been filling Paul’s roll in the final week, that’s a shame. However Ember is not being completely straight with us either.

From MPR: (emphasis mine)

Reichgott Junge says she’s a proven progressive, and is disappointed with Erlandson’s mailing. “There is no question that I’m strong on gun control, there is no question that I have always opposed the Iraq war, there is no question that I always opposed the privatization of Social Security. He says differently. He is just simply misleading the voters,” says Reichgott Junge.”

Hmmm, Ember strong on gun control? Really now…

There is a big difference in criticism on their record and personal attacks. Ember needs to understand that questioning her past voting record is always legitimate, and it is in question.

Star Tribune makes Boring Endorsement

5 09 2006

Come on, where is the fire? Where’s the fun? Talk about making the most boring choice possible. At least no one can complain about them making an impact in this race – yawwwhhhnn…

Here is a quote from the article (not really, and snoring mine):

zzzzzz….zzzzzzz….zzzzzzzz….everyone is neat….zzzzz….Keith Ellison, an attorney from north Minneapolis and a two-term member
of the Minnesota House, has reminded more than one voter of the late
Paul Wellstone. He brings a passion for progressive causes, a gift for
grassroots mobilizing….. Ember…zzzzz…. but Mike zzzzzzzzzzzzzz… will… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… bore… zzzzzzzzzzzz… us… zzzzzzz… all… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We all know who will really stand up for the 5th, but if the Strib wants a snoozer candidate.. and I thought they wanted to sell papers.

How can we make America better?

3 09 2006

Ember – The Right Wing Christian Extremist?

30 08 2006

I received a letter today from Art Higinbotham, an Ember Reichgott Junge supporter, in which there are several fairly nasty comments about everyone in the race, except Ember of course.

Here are some highlights (emphasis mine):huh.jpg

Her endorsed DFL opponent, Keith Ellison, has had limited political experience in the Minnesota House… While he shares Senator Reichgott’s positions on key issues of importance to DFLers, we have not heard him renounce the aspects of Islam that are anathema to our American belief system, such as death for apostasy and the subordination of women.

Wow, and when did all practitioners of Islam become extremists? Oh yeah

Okay, should we try to point out the same kinda whacked out crazy beliefs Christianity has within it and hold all practitioners of that religion accountable to everything too? Do we really want to go there?


If I were to write a letter like this attacking Ember for being Christian, what would I write? hmmmm…

While she shares Representative Ellison’s positions on key issues of importance to DFLers, we have not heard her renounce those aspects of Christianity that are anathema to our American belief system, such as calling for the death of all homosexuals or limiting free speech for women.

I could go on, and on (do I really have to link to all the slavery stuff?!?), but that is not the point. The point is that this type of false judgment of making one individual stand for the whole race/religion/culture, and demanding that person distance himself from some marginal aspect of it is plain ridiculous and down right religious bigotry. No one paints all Christians as wanting all homosexuals executed, or desiring to strip women of their civil liberties, nor should anyone try to force individuals who practice Islam into a similar box.

This type of religious ignorance is plain shocking coming from a Unitarian, and just one more reason that we DO need Keith Ellison in the US House. A strong representative of a liberal stance on Islam, for cripes sakes, a PEACE activist Islamic candidate, is desperately needed in our country’s leadership to help educate the country on what a moderate view on Islam can look like, and how we can actually find solutions to the very serious international problems we face today.

Ember should distance herself from this type of ignorant hate filled rhetoric, and denounce this person’s views on Islam as the idiocy it is, or she needs to denounce those aspect of Christianity that are anathema to our American belief system. Its her choice.