15 02 2007

Bill Daley, a Gore campaign chairman in 2000, and a current senior adviser on Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential run was quoted on ABC News Politics section:

Daley describes the 2008 campaign season as “a marathon, not a sprint.” As the formal candidates reach their stride, Gore’s schedule — jam-packed with a stroll down the red carpet at the Academy Awards, a book release in May, and the December Nobel Prize announcement — will, if not heighten, surely sustain the buzz surrounding his candidacy.

This is interesting to me because Daley seemingly has split interests, one to his new gig with Barack Obama, and the other with his old boss Al Gore. With his ties to the old Gore team, and some of Al’s old advisors are now meeting to
think about a “Draft Gore” effort, you have to think they’ve spoken. I’m not saying Daley is not serious about helping Obama, I sure hope he is, but in politics you have to keep your options open and ready for the next move. The buzz is already starting about a Gore-Obama ticket, something that I would personally love – it’s my dream ticket.




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