Ember – The Right Wing Christian Extremist?

30 08 2006

I received a letter today from Art Higinbotham, an Ember Reichgott Junge supporter, in which there are several fairly nasty comments about everyone in the race, except Ember of course.

Here are some highlights (emphasis mine):huh.jpg

Her endorsed DFL opponent, Keith Ellison, has had limited political experience in the Minnesota House… While he shares Senator Reichgott’s positions on key issues of importance to DFLers, we have not heard him renounce the aspects of Islam that are anathema to our American belief system, such as death for apostasy and the subordination of women.

Wow, and when did all practitioners of Islam become extremists? Oh yeah

Okay, should we try to point out the same kinda whacked out crazy beliefs Christianity has within it and hold all practitioners of that religion accountable to everything too? Do we really want to go there?


If I were to write a letter like this attacking Ember for being Christian, what would I write? hmmmm…

While she shares Representative Ellison’s positions on key issues of importance to DFLers, we have not heard her renounce those aspects of Christianity that are anathema to our American belief system, such as calling for the death of all homosexuals or limiting free speech for women.

I could go on, and on (do I really have to link to all the slavery stuff?!?), but that is not the point. The point is that this type of false judgment of making one individual stand for the whole race/religion/culture, and demanding that person distance himself from some marginal aspect of it is plain ridiculous and down right religious bigotry. No one paints all Christians as wanting all homosexuals executed, or desiring to strip women of their civil liberties, nor should anyone try to force individuals who practice Islam into a similar box.

This type of religious ignorance is plain shocking coming from a Unitarian, and just one more reason that we DO need Keith Ellison in the US House. A strong representative of a liberal stance on Islam, for cripes sakes, a PEACE activist Islamic candidate, is desperately needed in our country’s leadership to help educate the country on what a moderate view on Islam can look like, and how we can actually find solutions to the very serious international problems we face today.

Ember should distance herself from this type of ignorant hate filled rhetoric, and denounce this person’s views on Islam as the idiocy it is, or she needs to denounce those aspect of Christianity that are anathema to our American belief system. Its her choice.


Remember Ember, Remember Joe Lieberman

21 08 2006

With all the talk today (here, here, here, here, and here) about Ember’s campaign in the 5th, I thought I’d post a letter I recieved from one of my friends.


I’m grateful to Phil Steger for reminding us of Ember Reichgott-Junge’s strong and very recent connection to Joe Lieberman: In 2004 she was the Lieberman campaign’s state chair when he ran for president. (Remember Ember, Remember “Joementum!”) I’ve seen that connection up close and way too personal.

I was at January 2004 DFL State Central Committee meeting that Steger references in his commentary – not as a delegate, but as one of the legions of Howard Dean supporters in Minnesota spurred by the guy from Vermont, who was speaking the truth about the war when it was not fashionable to do so, to get involved in Minnesota politics for the first time.

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Just for Fun

18 08 2006

I just came across this vlog, and it is just great so I have to share it.

the show with zefrank

just click on any of the daily shows, funny stuff

here are some good ones:

don’t be afraid


Hatch Moves for Universal Health Care

10 08 2006

Mike Hatch supports Universal Health Care, and now has a plan to implement it. Full article in the Strib.

The salary of Minnetonka-based UnitedHealth Group’s chief executive
would be enough to fund a major chunk of universal health coverage for
three years, Hatch said. “In a health care system where children aren’t
covered, where’s our conscience?” he asked.

Americans pay roughly double that of any other nation for health insurance, but the country
is ranked low in longevity and in quality of care, he said.

Hatch offered ideas for reform including allowing employers to buy coverage
from assigned-risk plans, purchasing pools for prescriptions, school
clinics, mental-health assessment centers and greater accountability
for the boards that oversee insurers.

Now this is what I am talking about! Of coarse Tim “weenie” Pawlenty has his predictable whine about taxes, but come on, with cost rising as fast as they are for every person who actually has coverage right now, and with all the inefficiencies and crazy salary/bonuses of the current health care(less) companies it would be cheaper to go Hatch’s route, not more expensive. Plus, there is a very good argument to be made about a system like this being very beneficial to small businesses.

My one suggestion to Hatch would be as he is deciding how to start implementing this proposal, is to start by covering children first.

Now That is a Campaign for Change!!

8 08 2006

Lieberman Lost!

And now officially leaves the Democratic Party. Not that is was not unoffiial for a while now. Minvolved has the best run-down.

Trackbacks will out

7 08 2006

Yeah, so I am playing around with this blog, and it seems that I uncovered the sheets a bit too soon by linking a trackback to a post on another blog. So, welcome to those who have noticed, and I am still seeing if I will be giving this a go.

You can let me know what you think, or not…

Lieberman’s reality – The Lost Independents

7 08 2006

From The Political Wire

Joe Lieberman will probably go down in defeat by a substantial margin on Tuesday. While some bloggers have listed multiple reasons for the loss in confidence among Connecticut voters, it is all about Iraq. This election cycle is all about Iraq. 2004 was all about Iraq and the Democrats were afraid to take a stand less they appear to flip-flip on a war they supported. But this time around, the statistics are staggering: only 16% of Democrats and 26% of Independents think the war has been worth the loss in American lives. Lieberman’s dogged support for the Bush war policy has isolated him from rank and file voters.

There are two ironies here: the first, he was the VP nominee of the very same party that now stands to reject him; and second, he has been a voice for independence within the party and within the state. Today, he cannot count on either Democrats or Independents to bail him out of this mess he has gotten himself in. Given the solid rejection of the war by Independents nationwide, it is hard to see the Senator looking to them in his home state for support.

It is all about Iraq. I repeat: it is all about Iraq.

— Guest contributor John Zogby is an internationally recognized pollster and the founder of Zogby International.

This is important for MN because there are similar feelings among voters here. The Iraq situation has lost American support, which means our occupation there has failed. No surprise really, it was a stupid and irrational thing to do anyway, let alone having nothing to do with the terrorist attacks in the US. The American people have come out of their shells, where they were driven by the neo-cons, and they are saying “what have we done?”

Some people think that the antiwar thing is contained in the “liberal left” and that it has no play in the “moderate” or a much more appropriate label for MN- the “independent” vote. I don’t think this is true, and the polls are starting to show that. Independent thinkers, and those who do not claim either party, a significant block of voters in MN, are vastly against the situation in Iraq. “Cut and Run” Bush seems to know this, as pointed out in Flash’s post today.

It is past time to start thinking about what will happen if our troops are moved out of Iraq, and how to then deal with a very broad and damaging Mid-Asian War. We opened a literal Pandora’ Box, the US is responsible for this catastrophe.

The GOP, is primarily responsible for this, with the unforgivable knee-jerk say-nothing, go-along reaction from many Democrats. We need to start reminding people that the only way for real change is to unseat as many GOP elected officials as possible, and try our damnedest to elect any and all Democrats, especially ones who have the courage to call a failure a failure, and think of ways to slow or avoid the coming mid-asian conflict.

Peace may not be possible for a while yet. Pulling our troops out and ending the occupation now will not solve much, but possibly give our troops a breather before they have to go back into a full-out war. This is the price to pay for electing a failed ideology and an arrogant party into power. It is time for change, and time this year to vote Democratic!

Maybe then peace will actually have a chance.