Impotent “Surge”

10 01 2007

For all the reasons to use military force, for all the reasons to send our young people into battle, for all the reasons to spend our precious resources, for the life of me I cannot understand this President.

The tired rhetoric of the “War on Terror” being tied to Iraq is beyond insulting, beyond realistic and has no place in a rational discussion of our Occupation of Iraq. We were warned by the now infamous “Old Europe” that our proposed action in Iraq would destabilize the region. We were told by our own experts that we needed more troop in from day one. We were told so many things that would have made one of the biggest strategic military failures in US History less damaging, and our President lead us deeper into the pits of irrational machismo.

Now we are in a universally accepted “unacceptable situation in Iraq” and the answer is to send in 21000 more troops. This would be a bad joke to any rational mind, if it were not so serious. For one, 21000 troops is a tiny drop in the bucket and does not bring enough weight with it to earn the word “Surge” or even “Escalation.” Each and every one of those 21000 souls will be pulled back in or extended, very few, maybe none will be fresh troops. 21000 troops could not stabilize Bagdad, let alone the entire country. This is another proposal that is doomed to failure, with our most valuable treasure at risk. The President says that we cannot do this alone, which may be accurate, but only citing a country that we currently Occupy as the only “helper” is simply unacceptable. Where is that “Old Europe” when you need them?

I see no good solution. I don’t agree with my friends who feel pulling our troops out will resolve the situation. We have made the region unstable, we have feed and encouraged our own resistance within Iraq. This may be the first and only time I have ever agreed with “The Decider” but if we leave, the region will explode in sectarian violence (yes, worse than we see now) and the conflict will not stay within Iraq’s borders. I have said it before, but we may be on the brink of a Mid-Asian War, something to likes we have never seen. George Bush has brought us and the world to this point, and I see no way anyone can stop it now. This “surge” is an impotent gesture by an impotent leader.

We all want peace in the region. If we pull our troops out, if we end our Occupation of Iraq tomorrow, what good will it do the region? Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see it doing any good. Will it do the US any good? Maybe in the sort term, maybe until the region is so unstable the nuclear powers in the region get itchy trigger fingers, and maybe until the resources of the region are lost or damaged to the point where our economy is vitally threatened and we wish for the days of $3.00 a gallon gas prices. If we pull out now, it will only be temporary, and then we’ll have to enter a real War, and we won’t have to play around with rhetoric to understand the difference between what we have now and a real War. But maybe then we won’t be going alone. That is little comfort.

We all want our troops home, and we may all be longing for the day long past, before this President took his misguided and ignorantly criminal steps to try and link the real threats to this county and that of Iraq. Now we have no solution, no way out of the responsibilities of this mess and yet another line of exhausted and brave men and women sent to hold up a crumbling failure of arm-chair yahoos who seem to always find a way of beating the past mistakes with bigger ones.

UPDATE: Check out “Reality Check” by Pat Kessler

UPDATE 2: Olbermann 




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