I am an observer and activist in the Minnesota political world and within the DFL. After watching and grumbling for many years, I decided in 2002 to take action. I chose a party, despite my hesitancy to support the two party system, and found the DFL to be an open and welcoming place. There is no doubt that it is a “Big Tent” party. I have learned that the only cost is time, and that the rewards are infinite (well, not the material kind – but who is really surprised by that?). I now know without a doubt that one person can make a difference, at least I have seen others do so – as to me? Well, I am my own best critic.

My other interests may not be obvious in this blog, but I do have a tendency to dabble in many different things. I try my best to be an optimist, and normally succeed. I firmly believe that the reemergence of a progressive political movement can help change this State and this Country back into something we can all be proud of. If my thoughts can add to this progressive movement, and encourage the needed change, then all the better. But then again, who knows where all these electrons will go??

What is the goal of this blog? I have not quite answered that yet, I guess we’ll see. I hope to bring a thoughtful and respectful tone to the political discussions, and share my own observations. I try to look for the good in all the problems the state, country and world are facing. That can be a difficult search, but I think it is worthwhile.



Oh, and what’s up with the picture in the header? No doubt it is not in MN, but it was a place where one could see the magic of this world and imagine a better future for us all. Sappy, yeah, but true nevertheless.

Why Ag?  Well, it has been fun seeing people guess, but it is not that hard to figure out.







































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