Drinking Liberally

23 02 2007

Well, I braved my first Drinking Liberally last night and finally met many of the great progressive bloggers in MN face to face. If I try to list everyone I met, I am sure I’ll forget and leave someone out, so I won’t go there, but I always find it very refreshing to go to a group of very politically in-tune folks and not see a familiar face. That is getting more and more difficult these days.

Oh yeah, Al Franken was there too last night. It was good to see him mingle, and even though Jeff and Flash and a few others hogged Al most of the night, it was fun chatting with him and see him break some of that “celebrity” impression his career has given him. He was very real and down to earth, plus it is a given I guess to say he’s naturally funny. I still have some reservations about his run, but if he plays this right, and keeps up the type of mingling he did last night, he just might pull this thing off. It is very important for any candidate to get out and meet everyday Minnesotans, and this early on – 8 days into the campaign as Al kept pointing out, is a great start.

To compare the first meeting I had with Norm Coleman, back in the day when he was the Mayor of Saint Paul (and a “Democrat”) with the meeting last night of Al Franken, Al wins hands down. Lets just say after the meeting with Al, I did not walk away saying “If that is a Democrat, I sure don’t want to be one.” Norm didn’t keep me wondering for long, during the chance encounter with Norm way back when, he was slimy and weasely through and through. I was not surprised that he soon shed his fake exterior and let the political winds of the day blow him into the GOP. If there is anything ‘real’ about Norm, is that he is a republican who will lie and slime his way to whatever best suits him.

Whoever the DFL backs, will need plenty of mops to clean up the mess Norm has left on that seat. At least with Franken, we know exactly what we’ll get, and it will be fun watching him give this race a go.

UPDATE:  de Wege has more on last night here 


Boycott Fox!

22 02 2007

There is no need or reason for the Democratic candidates to have their first debate hosted by Fox News.

Let it know that you disaprove!


15 02 2007

Bill Daley, a Gore campaign chairman in 2000, and a current senior adviser on Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential run was quoted on ABC News Politics section:

Daley describes the 2008 campaign season as “a marathon, not a sprint.” As the formal candidates reach their stride, Gore’s schedule — jam-packed with a stroll down the red carpet at the Academy Awards, a book release in May, and the December Nobel Prize announcement — will, if not heighten, surely sustain the buzz surrounding his candidacy.

This is interesting to me because Daley seemingly has split interests, one to his new gig with Barack Obama, and the other with his old boss Al Gore. With his ties to the old Gore team, and some of Al’s old advisors are now meeting to
think about a “Draft Gore” effort, you have to think they’ve spoken. I’m not saying Daley is not serious about helping Obama, I sure hope he is, but in politics you have to keep your options open and ready for the next move. The buzz is already starting about a Gore-Obama ticket, something that I would personally love – it’s my dream ticket.

I’m Spartacus

15 02 2007

Am I Spartacus?

Spartiacus I am!

Do you like blue blogs and ham?

I do, I DO like blue blogs and ham, thank you – THANK YOU, Spartiacus I am!

Gore Watch II

14 02 2007

Again from Political Wire:

The New York Observer reports that “according to one influential Democratic insider, close associates of” Al Gore “have communicated to him and other prominent fund-raisers who are uncommitted to other ’08 candidates” that Gore “will consider entering the race — if an opening presents itself — in September.”

Their analysis is pretty much shared by me. Gore can wait. September is a good guess on when to expect something from him. With all the buzz surrounding him right now, he’ll be able to jump in and shake up all the top tier candidates. Hillary would be in deep trouble if Gore decided to run, and if she is still on the top of the pack, he could do some real damage to her hopes. I’ll shed a tear for her, well, not really.

New Obama Video

9 02 2007

In preparation for the big announcement tomorrow, Senator Barack Obama talks about the campaign and his new website that will be reveled tomorrow.

Draft Gore?

9 02 2007

Well, it seems I am not the only one wondering about the Gore question. According to the AP (via CNN), Some of the former Vice President’s advisors met yesterday to potentially start up a “Draft Gore” movement for the 2008 Presidential race.

With all the attention Al Gore may be getting this year from the Oscar Nominations to the Nobel Peace Prize Nomination, he definitively can wait to make any formal moves. He will be in the national spotlight without the additional buzz of a presidential campaign. A Draft Gore movement could help solidify a grassroots/netroots base just incase he decided to run. As a late entry to the race would change the entire field, Gore is strategically in a very powerful position without having to do anything but speak to the issues he has been championing. Not a bad place to be.

UPDATE: Jeff is watching Gore too.  Some interesting thoughts over there.