Lieberman’s reality – The Lost Independents

7 08 2006

From The Political Wire

Joe Lieberman will probably go down in defeat by a substantial margin on Tuesday. While some bloggers have listed multiple reasons for the loss in confidence among Connecticut voters, it is all about Iraq. This election cycle is all about Iraq. 2004 was all about Iraq and the Democrats were afraid to take a stand less they appear to flip-flip on a war they supported. But this time around, the statistics are staggering: only 16% of Democrats and 26% of Independents think the war has been worth the loss in American lives. Lieberman’s dogged support for the Bush war policy has isolated him from rank and file voters.

There are two ironies here: the first, he was the VP nominee of the very same party that now stands to reject him; and second, he has been a voice for independence within the party and within the state. Today, he cannot count on either Democrats or Independents to bail him out of this mess he has gotten himself in. Given the solid rejection of the war by Independents nationwide, it is hard to see the Senator looking to them in his home state for support.

It is all about Iraq. I repeat: it is all about Iraq.

— Guest contributor John Zogby is an internationally recognized pollster and the founder of Zogby International.

This is important for MN because there are similar feelings among voters here. The Iraq situation has lost American support, which means our occupation there has failed. No surprise really, it was a stupid and irrational thing to do anyway, let alone having nothing to do with the terrorist attacks in the US. The American people have come out of their shells, where they were driven by the neo-cons, and they are saying “what have we done?”

Some people think that the antiwar thing is contained in the “liberal left” and that it has no play in the “moderate” or a much more appropriate label for MN- the “independent” vote. I don’t think this is true, and the polls are starting to show that. Independent thinkers, and those who do not claim either party, a significant block of voters in MN, are vastly against the situation in Iraq. “Cut and Run” Bush seems to know this, as pointed out in Flash’s post today.

It is past time to start thinking about what will happen if our troops are moved out of Iraq, and how to then deal with a very broad and damaging Mid-Asian War. We opened a literal Pandora’ Box, the US is responsible for this catastrophe.

The GOP, is primarily responsible for this, with the unforgivable knee-jerk say-nothing, go-along reaction from many Democrats. We need to start reminding people that the only way for real change is to unseat as many GOP elected officials as possible, and try our damnedest to elect any and all Democrats, especially ones who have the courage to call a failure a failure, and think of ways to slow or avoid the coming mid-asian conflict.

Peace may not be possible for a while yet. Pulling our troops out and ending the occupation now will not solve much, but possibly give our troops a breather before they have to go back into a full-out war. This is the price to pay for electing a failed ideology and an arrogant party into power. It is time for change, and time this year to vote Democratic!

Maybe then peace will actually have a chance.




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