Attack Blogs

1 08 2006

There is a great deal of energy going into the “attack blog” You know the type I mean, the type which does its best to tear down, destroy, and utterly ruin anyone who happens to be running for office who disagrees with your world view. Now, there is a very legitimate roll to play about finding illegalities of candidates and holding people accountable for what they are currently doing wrong, or even explaining why you happen to disagree with the other side or even better, why you like your guys. But all the whining and lame attempts to find links to unrelated things in order to do a fun bit of character assignation is plain wrong. I guess those who actually feel like they drew blood may develop a taste for it, and now they are feeling like a starved poodle or something, but that still does not explain their unethical behavior. What is worse than worse is when they don’t get anywhere on their first attempt to spread their frothing disinformation, they just repeat it like it is new news. It’s like a very lame poodle trying again to piss on an imaginary hydrant.

Blogs are still being understood. If the general public gets the idea that blogs, and especially political blogs are just a place to hang soiled laundry, and then whine about it, they will not continue reading. If all your blog is about is whining like a starved, mouth frothing poodle, I think you need to get a life. If blogs are really supposed to police themselves, we need to figure out how to put a strong leash on these desperate and blood starved attack blogs.




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8 08 2006

I think the new blog fits this description. Even though “Big E” is a Democrat, it is not productive to create a blog just to tear down other Democrats. He is also a well-known activist hiding behind a nckname. He needs to be carefull or one of his enemies might “out” him. That may have consequences at Minneapolis City Hall.

8 08 2006

First, Welcome!

I do not know “Big E” and have only read a comment or two from him on other blogs. I just checked out MN Blue, and it does not seem all that bad, but if the he continues to only go after the candidate in question than yes, you would be right.

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