Governor Mike Hatch

27 07 2006

That has a nice sound to it.

I have to admit that I have not always been a fan of our current Attorney General. He always seemed a bit gruff, and not always so friendly. I have written in the past that he had rubbed me the wrong way, but I did end up deciding that he was the best choice we had this year for this office. I did also mention before that I wanted his Lt Gov. choice to be Becky Lourey, and as I still think that would have been a good choice, but the decision to pick Judy Dutcher, was brilliant and I am now very enthusiastic about this ticket.

I wholeheartedly believe that it is crucial for Minnesota’s future for Mike Hatch to be our next Governor.

This state and more broadly, this country, have been driven to ruin (and I mean that literally when it comes to our infrastructure) because of the short sighted, greedy and selfish philosophy of the GOP. Constantly trying to scare and bribe the electorate by talking about the minor risk of terrorism (while taking away our civil rights), talking about small government (while growing it faster than anyone else), and trying to speak to economic stability while trying to undermine science in every school and laboratory in the country are all things we have to work against. That, and on top of it all, they do not seem to want to invest in our transportation infrastructure, are much happier with big HMOs making billions while the people of the state and country suffer under a broken health care system, and they seem to still prefer to attack teachers and under fund education which is the backbone of our economy in order to instill their nostalgic utopian dream of a mythical yesteryear where everything worked great and where everyone who looked like they do all had a wonderful life.

Minnesota needs to cast out the GOP and all its failed policies, and we need to start with the Governor. Mike Hatch has proven to be a solid fighter for the common good and for all the people of Minnesota. He has taken on large companies who have mistreated our citizens, he understands clearly the problems with our Heath Care system, and has a pragmatic, and dare I say responsible view of fiscal policy (something the word “conservative’ used to be tied to, but now connotes the opposite meaning).

He may not always go about things in the ways that makes people ‘like’ him personally, but really, when you have a dedicated watchman keeping the burglars away, does it matter if you like their demeanor as long as your are kept safe? Being nice and feeling like “ah shucks I can see myself hav’n a beer with that guy” does nothing to keep us safe, healthy and economically secure. Bush and Pawlenty have proven that out all too well.




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5 02 2012
David Kaye Attorney Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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